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Introduction  Printable  PDF

Installation and Set-Up

Install Funtime

Install the Driver XP or Vista

Install the Driver Win 7

Set Up the Plotter Codes

Disable USB Suspension Win 7

Run as Administrator Win 7

Test the Driver

     Getting Ready

Install the Blade Holder

Load the Cutting Mat

*The Buttons on the Gazelle

Care and Maintenance

Machine Care Basics

Cutting Mat Care Basics

Deleting the Funtime Registry

The Original Blade Holder

Customizing the Dial Blade Holder

    Funtime Tutorials

The Main Funtime Screen

Un-docking the Tool Bars

Additional Funtime Help Topics

Where to Position the Design

The Cutting Control Panel Basics

The Advanced Cutting Control Panel

Making Selections

More Selection Tools

Fill Color vs Stroke Color

The Color Palette Basics

The Advanced Color Palette

Create Color Gradients

Grouping and Un-grouping

Using the Transformation Tools

Using the Edit Tools

Auto Vectorization Basic

Create a Print & Cut File

Vertical Alignment for Print & Cuts

Manually Tracing an Image

Scalloped Shapes Basics

Scalloped Shapes Advanced

Vertical Text

NEW Vertical Text Option

Tile a Design that is too Big for the Mat

Project Based Tutorials

Subtract  to Make a Badge

Subtract to Make  a Name Ornament

Welding a Script Title and a Dingbat

Lattice Overlay using WYSIWYG

Make a Lattice Card 1/2

Make a Lattice Card 2/2

Create a Rhinestone Pattern 1/3

Cutting the Rhinestone Template 2/3

Applying the Rhinestone Pattern 3/3

Make a Puzzle

Make a Cocktail Umbrella

Make a Word Book

Print&Cut w/ 3pt Registration

Stamp&Kut for Rubber Stamp Images

Convert a Digital Coloring Book Page

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